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      "Did you notice anything unusual about your master's death?" he inquired."You are a man," sobbed Isola. "You do not know what it is for a woman to confess that she is unworthy of her husband's love. You do not know. It is not possible for a man to know the meaning of shame."

      [Pg 12]"You want a little bit of change and gaiety," said the faithful stewardess. "You have been looking pale and worried ever since you had that bad news from Broomer," this was Tabitha's nearest approach to Burmah, "and you'll be all the better for an evening's pleasure. It isn't as if you had to buy a dress, or even a pair of gloves. You've only worn your wedding-dress at three parties since you came home from your honeymoon, and it's as fresh as if you'd been married yesterday. You've got everything, and everything of the best. Why shouldn't you go?"

      With all the joys and sorrows of his mother's life Tabitha had been associated for five and thirty years of conscientious service; and to have lost the good soul now from his fireside was a positive affliction to Martin Disney. Her loss gave an air of instability to his domestic life. Who would ever care for his property as Tabitha had caredTabitha who had seen the china and the pictures and drawings collected piece[Pg 96] by piece, who had seen the old family silver drop in by way of legacy from this and that aunt or uncle, till the safe was full of treasures, every one of which had its distinct history? What would a new housekeeper care for General Disney's coffee-pot, for the George the Second urn that had belonged to his uncle the Indian judge, for his grandmother's decanter stands? A modern servant would scoff at decanter stands; would wonder they were not melted down. No, rejoiced as he was to be at home once more, home without Tabitha would be something less than home to Martin Disney.


      Do, said Lord Selvaine, cheerfully. It will give you an appetite; Ive a good mind to accompany you, butwith his little smileIve a better mind to ride.Martin Disney knew later that it was between eight and nine o'clock that the Eurydice struck upon a rock, and every soul on board her perished.


      Its Bill the postman, he said.


      Theres a lovely view from just outside the hut, Mr. Pinchook, he said. That gentleman took the hint, and retired, and Varley Howard seated himself on the box and leaned forward.Isola was not mistaken, for Mrs. Crowther called three or four days afterwards and upbraided her for sending the cards.